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Monday, September 26, 2016

Legitimate Hot Flashes

I'm too young for hot flashes and I'm still having them over a week after I stopped taking the medicine that caused them. They are legitimate and very uncomfortable.

I wonder if this is normal.

I also wonder if it's going to work. And if it does, how will it feel? And if it doesn't- how will that feel?

In other news... On September 19th we dressed up as pirates to go get free doughnuts from Krispy Kreme! Quite the adventure, quite the line. Declan would only carry his sword and shield. The rest of us suffered in the heat of the day.

I'm not going to tell you I convinced my mum to abandon the line and purchase doughnuts elsewhere. Because that would mean straight up mutiny! It would also mean that my middle little sister (who teaches elementary school) and her whole 4th grade class would get doughnuts before school was over. So even if I abandoned the original mission in pure mutiny, I was able to achieve the end goal and purpose of the embarkment.

Maybe I'll be a pirate for Halloween. The trick is convincing my husband to dress up for anything. Ever.
Let me clarify, it's hard to get him to dress up for the sake of play and imaginations. He dresses up for church and fancy dinners and special events. No problem. (Except that one time that he took off his shoes while we were 
standing in our line at our wedding reception. But then, mine were off too...)

I have a huge cardboard box. I could dress up as a box of cereal.
Maybe Jacob would hold a knife. So he could be a cereal killer and I could be on the run!

Maybe he'll wear his work badge and be a computer nerd. (I had a friend do this once. It was hilarious!)

In other, other news... I've signed up for my last class!!!! 4th semester German, here I come!!! #duolingopleasehelp! #plz!

We didn't call Jacob's parents after church because it was a busy afternoon. We had the missionaries over to eat dinner with us. They were early. Why would I have dinner ready early? Ever? Be honest, people. I'm always struggling with dinner.
Anyhow. The Elders were sweet. And then we had a family over for salsa. Jacob taught the 2 teenage boys how to make salsa! It was so cute. :) (Don't tell any of them that I said that cuz not one of them would like being called cute. They're all very manly.) (So as cute as you can say they are in the most manly sort of way.)

I watched Women's Conference on Saturday night. I felt to rise to the call. We need more women with a bedrock understanding of the Doctrine. I want to be one of those women. I want to take time for a more serious gospel study on a day by day basis. The only way to keep testimony alive is to keep feeding it!

Jacob went on a business trip last week. I missed him so much. Probably because it wasn't until the week before he left that we realized that I could have gone with him if I had purchased my flight at the same time his was scheduled. But $400+ for a three night stay??? When he got his tickets for $125???  Now we know for next time. Buy a ticket for the wife.

I am afraid I wax boring. What do you want me to write about??? Ask me? Please? I need reasons to get writing more regularly.
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